Social ad management

Manage campaigns across platforms

Partner closely with our client team to develop social advertising strategies, manage and optimize campaigns for optimal performance.

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The process

Start up

  • • Discuss challenges, objectives and KPIs per campaign
  • • Setting up ad accounts, pixels, dashboards and reporting mechanism
  • • Social Advertising training modules

Operational support

  • • MySocialDatabase client partner & account manager
  • • Launch and manage campaigns across channels
  • • Day to day support & troubleshooting
  • • Campaign optimization
  • • Evaluation and reporting

Audience creation

  • • Discuss required audiences, feasibility, estimated size and insights.
  • • Preparing audience by data science team, normally 2 business days
  • • Uploading audience into advertising accounts
  • • Audience refresh / updates

Nutricia case - timeline

Before 2017, Sales and Marketing at Nutricia consisted of face-to-face meetings and trade shows. Together with MySocialDatabase, Nutricia explored opportunities to engage with health care professionals in targeted online campaigns.

2018 - Partnership

Partnership between Nutricia & MySocialDatabase. MySocialDatabase runs hyper-targeting campaigns for Nutricia in 15 countries on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. A dedicated campaign manager was hired. Full-funnel campaigns were executed: Educational campaigns Event campaigns product campaigns

2019 - Expanded partnership

Nutricia expanded the partnership with MySocialDatabase 71 countries have been active with MySocialDatabase campaigns. 200+ Nutricia employees are trained. A Global Digital Engagement manager was hired. Nutricia becomes industry leader in targeted digital advertising.

2020 - Onwards

Nutricia will further transform the business from face-to-face meetings to targeted online campaigns. MySocialDatabase is a key partner to make that happen.