HP – Games

7 Times more impact for the HP Omen campaign targeted to Premium Audiences


  • 8200+ Engagements

    Over 8200 engagements from the core gamers audience.
  • +50% Link Click Rate

    The link click rate was 50% higher than the benchmark.
  • 7+ Impact Multiplier

    7 times more impact because of a Premium Audience consisting of real gamers.
HP wanted to launch its new OMEN gaming PC by reaching the
ultimate hard-core gamers. Omnicom Media Group (OMD) partnered
with MySocialDatabase (MySD) to develop a Twitter campaign
targeted to premium audiences to ensure that every single click is
made by a true gamer.
The solution always lies in the formula Data x Content = Impact.
Impact meaning more relevant impressions, engagements and
website visitors. MySD narrowed down the initial broad and softcore
target groups into 4 hardcore communities. These communities
consisted of true gamers and influencers who are extremely active on
Twitter and who follow each other very closely.
To maximize campaign impact, OMD created Video Website Cards
showing the features and cutting-edge design of the OMEN Gaming
PC. The spectacular video messages were addressed to the four fan
groups of gaming.
By means of selecting premium audiences OMD delivered a successful
campaign: 8,200+ engagements from hard-core gamers and a link
click rate of 50% above the benchmark. Furthermore, after
researching the quality of engagers an impact multiplier of 7 was
measured. This means that the campaign budget was spent 7 times
more effectively compared to regular targeted ads.