Dakar – Tim Coronel

How can a Dutch race driver own the conversation among all Dakar fans on Twitter?


  • 200,000 engagements

    He generated 200,000 engagement at a cost of €0,07 per engagement.

    There were 27,000 Retweets and 42,000 on Twitter polls.
  • 11,517 new followers

    11,517 new followers, this is the highest increase in followers of Dakar drivers.

‘’I’ve got 2 important moments that illustrate the impact of this highly targeted campaign. 1) Dakar fans on the streets of Argentina, who started
to talk to me about news I shared on Twitter. 2) Maxxis Tyres, one of my international sponsors (who is generally very hard to satisfy), was ecstatic about the campaign. The CEO even sent me a personal message to thank me for my efforts.’’

Tim Coronel, Race driver


Tim Coronel is a Dutch racing driver with no significant international allure. Nevertheless, he participated in the Dakar Rally in 2016. To increase awareness as a fairly unknown participant and satisfy his sponsors too, he used Twitter as a medium. To become a hot item among all Dakar fans he launched a Twitter campaign, highly targeted by Mysocialdatabase.com, that gradually made him the owner of the conversation!


1. Defining the Dakar audiences @Mysocialdata used its own Twitter targeting tool to select the accounts of all Dakar race drivers, all Dakar news accounts and all other relevant influencers. By investigating the follower-relations of these accounts, a total target group of 953.000 Dakar fans was found on Twitter. Then the total Dakar audience was divided into several smaller audiences based on sponsor relations, type of engagements and the level of affinity with Dakar drivers and teams.

2. Niche-branding Tim Coronel wanted to adjust the frequency of receiving promoted tweets, based on the level of affinity with Dakar. Therefore, exclusive content was promoted at a high frequency to a group of 33,117 ‘hard-core’ Dakar fans. This group consisted of people who were following at least 10 Dakar accounts on Twitter, the audiences were created using Mysocialdatabase.com.

3. Non-spamming It was important for Tim Coronel not to bother people who have no interest in Dakar. To this end, @MySocialData used its non-spamming approach which means that only Twitter users within the Dakar community of 953.000 were targeted. Tim’s tweets have reached Dakar fans only.

The Success Story

Due to the unique way of targeting, the Dakar 2016 campaign of Tim Coronel has been very successful and performed beyond expectations. Tim owned the conversation on Twitter among all Dakar fans, plus he managed to satisfy his sponsors in the process. But more importantly; he had more new followers and engagements than all other Dakar racers on Twitter! To be precise, Tim Coronel had no less than 4.7 million promoted impressions among the Dakar audiences on Twitter. 202,000 people engaged with his Tweets at an average cost per engagement of 0.07 euros. Next to that, Tim has been retweeted 27,000 times within 2 weeks of Dakar. Furthermore, there was a significant increase in the engagement rate when targeting Dakar audiences with a high affinity with Dakar. The average tweet engagement rate during the Dakar campaign was 4.3%, with a huge peak of 36.8%. Also, 42,000 Dakar fans have voted on the Twitter polls of Tim Coronel. Finally, @TimCoronel gained 11,517 new
followers, the highest amount of new followers out of all international Dakar racers