Dakar – Tim Coronel

How can a Dutch race driver own the conversation among all Dakar fans on Twitter?


  • 200,000 engagements

    He generated 200,000 engagement at a cost of €0,07 per engagement.

    There were 27,000 Retweets and 42,000 on Twitter polls.
  • 11,517 new followers

    11,517 new followers, this is the highest increase in followers of Dakar drivers.

Twitter strategy

Philips Health was looking for a global Twitter strategy for their radiology division. MySocialDatabase (MySD) was asked to show proof of its hyper-targeting concept through a pilot campaign. Reducing waste and using enriched Twitter data were the key factors towards success.


Hyper-target focusing

MySD’s hyper-targeting focuses on tracking high quality parameters for data. The pilot test consisted of a standard targeting group and a hyper-targeted audience. Content and campaign duration were equal for both groups. By means of reducing waste and zooming in on premium audiences MySD ensured control in reach and frequency, which led to an impressive impact multiplier.


Bounce rate and conversion

The test with standard targeting generated an audience, which was ten times higher than the actual number of radiologists in the world. MySD’s hyper-targeting selection, however, was spot on: the bounce rate was reduced by 100% and on-site conversion went up by +54%. A small increase in both rates means a lot for a business. So, one can imagine the impact of profound hyper-targeting and premium audiences.