ABN AMRO reach Business Decision Makers across 8 industries in hyper-targeted Twitter campaigns.


  • +93% Link click rate

    The link click rate was 93% higher compared to standard targeting.
  • +47% Time on site

    The hypertargeting group spent +47% more time on the website compared to other channels.
  • 9+ Impact Multiplier

    A 9 times better impact rate compared to the standard targeted Twitter campaign.

Twitter strategy

ABN AMRO wanted to reach BDM’s in specific industries, such as healthcare, agriculture and technology. Whereas the bank executed a standard targeted campaign and a B2B campaign on Linkedin, MySocialDatabase (MySD) was asked to run a tailored campaign on
Twitter. The results should point out which way was most effective.


Hyper-target focusing

MySD’s challenge was to find premium audiences for the bank’s promotion on circular business models. These audiences were selected via a number of steps leading up to hardcore target groups in the required market segments. By means of reducing waste and finding true BDM’s the key objectives were achieved: more time spent on the website, lower bounce rates and improved quality of data.


Bounce rate and conversion

Hypertargeting led to a lower bounce rate and to the highest time spent on the website. Moreover, when zooming into the engagers, data showed that every single account was spot on in the target group consisting of true business decision makers. For this reason, an impact multiplier of 9 was measured. Furthermore, the time spent on the website by the hypertargeting group was +47% higher compared to other channels. Finally, the link click rate was 93% higher for the hyper-targeted campaign in comparison with standard targeted Twitter campaigns.