Relevance in social advertising is a bitch

The early-adopter-marketers already know – advertising on social platforms might have reached huge volumes and spend but the real impact and its metrics lack transparency.  There is the life is a bitch part and that’s why the search for relevance becomes crucial.

We mentioned it in previous blogs – Google and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter won’t help you in understanding their algorithms. In addition, you will probably keep on running in circles, because your message will only reach the people you already know.

Look alike campaigns according to Einstein

Of course, you have selection options such as interest categories and look-a-likes but this won’t help you either. This kind of community targeting will certainly take you to interesting number of impressions. But what does that mean if it doesn’t correlate with the actual number of people that really belong in your target group? And yet, many brand managers and advertising agencies continue to propose this way of social targeting to their clients. Albert Einstein would call it insane…

Cut the metrics-crap
It’s no use continuing the same way with all marketing metrics and sending out messages via the social world. Impressions, retweets and likes don’t mean a thing if you don’t know who these people are. What marketers and decision makers really want is result. And they want it for less.

Our way or the highway

We love datamining. In fact, we are experts in making endless numbers of connections between Twitter followers and follow to. In our opinion a campaign starts with custom audiences based on enriched data. You might call it a longtail selection, we call it hyper targeting. We will go beyond the usual suspects and find new markets.

The highway might seem faster but can also become busy and ineffcient when you end up in a traffic jam. Up to you if you prefer our way of valuable impact vs. as small as a budget can get.

Just for fun – take a few minutes for this sentimentel road video and song.

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