The ‘Quality Scale’ Combination
New media and diverse technologies almost displaced quality by quantityHowever, the quantity side is on the run now, and for very good reasons.

When we started out our business we took the best of all worlds by developing a ‘quality scale’ model. Funnily enough, we almost lost track of our initial principles of scale, precision and revenues along the road of delivering results.

It all started when we had to report lower impressions, lower engagements and higher cost per engagement to a client. However, it ended up in fortune with high impact on the right audience and an increased conversion rate by +472%.

An unclear vision
This client, an asset management company, wanted to reach Business Decision Makers. A standard campaign had delivered them great results in terms of impressions, reach and engagements. However, they scored almost no conversions on the website and they received likes from teenagers… nice kids but not relevant for the business.

Ad tech and metrics aren’t easy to understand. When we evaluated the metrics of the first tailored campaign we executed for this client we were confused ourselves – as to whether we were wrong in our initial assumptions. Then we realized the fundamental confusion. We took the scale over quality vision instead of quality over scale.

Data driven advertising models on social media platforms offer endless opportunities. But they are based on a limited number of generic terms, such as interests, behaviours, keywords, followers, look-a-likes, job titles and re-targeting. Consequently, these standard targeting models measure engagement in huge numbers.

80% of marketers tend to look at the scale side by reporting on impressions, engagements and engagement rates. Whereas in a hyper-targeted campaign we look at lower numbers of realengagement, such as time spent on the website, bounce rates and conversions.

Our refined vision about quality
Standard advertising isn’t sensitive to the fine line of real engagements, waste reduction, relevance nor impact. We take that extra mile to find the fine line based on an unlimited set of variables. Although it might not show at first sight, this custom made strategy pays off.

During our journey to an enriched database and balancing it with the right content it has been laying in front of our eyes all the time – quality is the key for better performance.

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