Get the language of #imagineChemistry

The goal of our client? Nothing less than 50 submissions in 8 weeks for its Start-up Challenge. The market? Worldwide and ultra niche. Our solution? A tailored Twitter campaign to chemical startups worldwide. The score of this #imagineChemistry campaign for AkzoNobel: a considerable number of retweets, likes and more than 60 submissions in 3 weeks. And still counting…

Before we get into our search for the right custom audiences, we have to teach you a new language. Such as Bio-based sources of Ethylene. And what about Biobased and biodegradable surfactants and thickeners? Maybe this could make a little bit sense to you: Wastewater-free chemical sites.

We bet a beatboxer or good old John Cleese could make a hell of a show with these chemistry terms. But we deviate too much from the subject. So, now for something completely different.

The Matrix of #ChemHeritage and alike

First a short recap of the case of AkzoNobel. This global company in chemicals, paints and coatings launched a start-up challenge this January. They had one question for us – find the core target audience to get us subscriptions. A deepdive into our enriched database resulted in 21 hardcore communities. With illustrious Twitter names and hashtags such as #ChemHeritage, #AmerChemSociety #Naturechemistry #waterrecycling, #plasticwaste and #biobased.

More than 60 submissions in 3 weeks

The point of this selection? These listings of influencers have many start-ups in their ‘followers’ and ‘follow to’ audiences. So we were convinced that AkzoNobel would get the required submissions with our Sudoku-matrix. And luckily they did!

It’s encouraging that a business in chemistry matters attracts start-ups that want to make this a better world. In addition, many people liked or retweeted the #imagineChemistry posts, which means that they understood what they had read. The way the AkzoNobel guys present the ‘chem stuff’ in content for social platforms is sharp & simple. And that pays off in conversions as content multiplied by enriched data = result.

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