Twitter Sales Reps add crucial value to Twitter Targeting

You’re almost closing an important sales contract. Then, your prospect client, eager to drive his business, asks this tricky question: “…but how do you exactly reach my specific target group?” Being a Twitter sales rep you know that standard targeting might fall short.

In those cases, MySocialDatabase can provide you with hyper-targeted audiences to reach the exact right audience for your client.

Premium Audience

MySocialDatabase (MSD) is the exclusive Twitter audience partner for renowned ad agencies, such as BrandDeli. MSD completes the digital chain by offering the solution to reach relevant audiences across all industries. Based on an enriched database with 330 million Twitter accounts we select premium audiences to drive the best campaign results.

Twitter sales representatives work together with MSD as follows:

1.      Twitter sales team receives a campaign briefing from the client.

2.      Discuss possibilities with MySocialDatabase:

Audience sample (can be used to convince client)

Fixed fee for the audience (approx. 1000 euros per audience)

Determine audience size (To ensure that you can spend the total budget )

3.      Twitter Sales Team decides whether or not to proceed.

The impact of enriched Twitter data

Hyper-targeting is making the right connections and address them with the right content. By focusing on relevant connections you are able to expand your network. The digital marketing principles are simple: content is king. But the king is nothing without having good team members – read: data – around him on the playing field. The combination of strategy and data is the way to result.

One of our nicest examples of putting data and content together is the Vauxhall case.  In close cooperation with the London Twitter sales team, the challenge was to reach the true football fans in the UK. We detected 85 listings based on first names for sending personalized video messages.

According to Andrew Curley, head of sponsorship: “This is a UK first for Twitter to give true football fans a unique surprise. So far the feedback has been extremely positive and the amount of engagement we have seen has been fantastic.”

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